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Free QA Introduction

Free QA introduction Highlights

In this Blog, we are going to talk about Overview of QA introduction, QA Evolution, Purpose of QA, Benefits, and Key Features.

What is QA

Now, we understand the Quality Assurance definition

Quality Assurance is a process to test accuracy of product and services. It defined as excellence, reliability and meeting objectives, meeting stakeholder’s needs and requirements.

A quality assurance system is said to increase customer confidence and a company’s credibility, to improve work process and efficiency.


It is the act of taking planned steps to bring continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning experiences of students.

QA Evolution

Let’s know the evolution of quality assurance

The systematic approach to quality started in industries during 1990 mostly in U.S.

Now days many companies have a separate department devoted to quality assurance.

The stable approach for quality is updated in 2016.

Purpose of QA

Let’s discuss the purpose of QA for industries

The main purpose of the quality assurance policy is to establish a common set of core values for quality assurance within the field, to preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products, to avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers and to ensure the quality of a service or product.

QA Benefits

Let’s see the benefits of Quality assurance

QA has a host of benefits. It ensures that that Product built as per QA procedures are of specified quality, it helps to eliminate errors when they are still inexpensive to correct, Improves the quality of the software, reduced unproductive time, rectification and warranty Costs, less complaints and good relationship with customers’ .improving the process of creating product.

Key Features of QA

Now, checkout the key features of quality assurance

The important features of Quality Assurance are Evaluate adequacy of quality assurance standards, review the implementation and efficiency of quality and inspection systems, Collect and compile statistical quality data. It Analyze the requirements of clients, maintains the Quality of products and Services.

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Free QA Introduction

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Free QA Introduction

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