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Khalil Kothia, PMP, Solution Architect

Khalil brings around 16+ years of experience on board in Managing, Design, development, Implementation and Deployment.

Curriculum SharePoint Power User

Why SharePoint – Explained by showcasing its diverse functions and advantages  |  SharePoint Jargon & Vocabulary explanation  |  For instance the definitions of terminology such as Site Collection  |  Sites, Lists, Web ApplicationSharePoint Evolution – Versions & History  |  Software & Hardware requisites for SharePoint 2013  |  SharePoint 2010 & 2013 – Differences,Overview of SharePoint Hive Folder  |  A Sample Web Application creation including,Site Collection Creation  |  Sub Sites Creation  |  Deletion of Sites  |  Site Title Customization  |  Site Logo Customization and  |  Placing Images on the Home Page.

Operating Site Themes  |  Operating TreeView Feature  |  Site Pages creation  |  Site Pages deletion  |  Customizing  |  The Home Page  |  Top  |  Link Bar and,Quick Launch  |  Working with Two-Way Recycle-Bin.

Designing a Self Service Site  |  Embedding Navigational Links on Top Link Bar  |  Marking Managed Paths,Quota Templates Design and Creation  |  Appending Quota Templates and Site Collection  |  Multiple Site Collections creation under a Single Web Application  |  Site Collections creation using Newly Created Managed Path  |  Site Collections deletion.

Custom Lists creation,List column Validation set up  |  List Data Validation  |  Altering Title Column Caption  |  Custom Views creation,Application of Filters to Custom List  |  Alternating between List Views  |  Template to List saving  |  New List creation based on List Template  |  Columns: Adding  |  Single Line of Text Column  |  Choice Columns,Number Column  |  Currency Column  |  Date and Time Column  |  Yes/No Column  |  Person or Group Column  |  Hyperlink / Picture Column and  |  Calculated Column.

Site Columns creation  |  Designing Custom Lists based on Site Columns  |  Creating types of Site Content  |  Appending Custom List and Site Content Types  |  Producing Basic Site Pages  |  Web Part Pages creation  |  Procreating Links to Newly designed Pages  |  Shared Documents folder and its working  |  Document Libraries and their working.