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Khalil Kothia, PMP, Solution Architect

Khalil brings around 16+ years of experience on board in Managing, Design, development, Implementation and Deployment.

Curriculum SharePoint Add-ins Development

Foundation  |  Server  |  Office  |  Designer  |  Hosting on premises and in Office 365  |  Adding list and library apps to SharePoint sites.

Configure In-Premise Apps Development Environment  |  Configure Workflow Manager 1.0  |  Subscribe Workflow Manager 1.0 for SharePoint  |  Analyzing SharePoint 2013 Apps Surveying the app development landscape  |  Identifying advantages of the app development model  |  Comparing apps to farm and sandbox solutions.

Separating app code from SharePoint  |  Comparing the host web and app web  |  Employing developer tools  |  Integrating SharePoint development with Visual Studio  |  Configuring the server for app development.

SharePoint-hosted  |  Auto-hosted  |  Provider-hosted  |  Communicating between the custom code and SharePoint.

Understanding app patterns  |  Using the chrome control  |  Calling across domains  |  Going beyond the basics.

Requesting permissions with the app manifest  |  Authorizing access with OAuth 2.0  |  Creating high-trust apps with S2S protocol  |  Employing ClientContext  |  SharePointContext  |  TokenHelper.

Packaging components with the solution  |  Provisioning app web features.

Packaging components with the solution  |  Provisioning app web features.

JavaScript Fundamental  |  JQuery Fundamental  |  Traversing the site data hierarchy  |  Site,Web,List,ListItems,Fields  |  Creating list and item content in the app and host web  |  Constructing CAML queries with ViewFields and Where  |  Registering remote event receiver callbacks.

Managing content with check-in and check-out  |  Uploading files into a library from CSOM  |  Accessing content with REST and oData  |  Mapping REST URLs against SharePoint resources  |  Reading and writing REST data with jQuery  |  Making cross-domain calls with SP.Request Executor.

Adopting SharePoint user interface style with app.master  |  Rendering the SharePoint chrome control.

Constructing the client web part  |  Configuring custom app part properties and editors.

Comparing ribbon and menu item actions  |  Specifying the UrlAction and parameters.

Preparing a data source for BCS,Connecting enterprise data sources with Entity Framework  |  Developing a WCF data service as an oData source.

Evaluating workflow fundamentals  |  Configuring the workflow manager  |  Leveraging workflow activities  |  variables and expressions  |  Connecting workflow to SharePoint data  |  Specifying workflow startup options  |  Processing list item data with dynamic values.

Selecting a deployment option  |  Publishing to the corporate app catalog.