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Khalil Kothia, PMP, Solution Architect

Khalil brings around 16+ years of experience on board in Managing, Design, development, Implementation and Deployment.

Curriculum SharePoint 2013 Administration

Purpose of SharePoint Implementation  |  Understanding Business Requirements can be achieved using SharePoint  |  Evolution of SharePoint and its History  |  Finding Dependency Server  |  Introduction to SQL Server  |  IIS Server and Domain Server.

Installation Changes  |  Central Administration  |  Service Applications  |  Claims and Authentication  |  Managing SharePoint 2013 with Windows PowerShell  |  SharePoint Apps  |  Workflow Manage  |  New User Experience  |  Getting Social.

Thinking Farm, Additional Server Planning, Hardware Requirements, Terminology, Controlling Deployments  |  Understanding Various SharePoint Server Roles, SharePoint Terms  |  Understanding SharePoint Logical and Physical architecture (Small, Medium and Large size Farm, 3-Tier, 2-Tier, 1 Tier and Single Server Farm Topology.)

Create a VM Install Windows Server 2012 and Install VM Tools  |  Promote server to Domain Server, Create Users in Active Directory  |  Install Prerequisite SQL Server Feature  |  Install & Configure SQL Server  |  Post Installation SQL Server Configuration  |  Install SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites  |  Install SharePoint 2013  |  Create Farm  |  Create Web Application and Create Site Collection.

What is List & Libraries ?  |  Working with Shared Calendars, Tasks, Announcements etc  |  Working with, Custom Lists From Scratch  |  How to create New Lists Based on Templates  |  Working with, Columns to Lists, Custom Views of Lists, How to Share Files and Documents in Libraries, Setting up Check-In/Check-Out to Enforce Exclusive Access to, Documents, Managing Major and, Minor File Changes, Versioning Documents.

What is Site columns?  |  Creating site columns, validations  |  What is content types?  |  Working with content type
Manage and associate document templates with content types.

Pages to Sites  |  Wiki Pages and Web-Part Pages  |  Manage Site Navigation  |  SharePoint’s Out of box features  |  Working with Web Parts  |  Web Part properties  |  Manage Personalized Web Parts on pages.

Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2013  |  Overview of the New User Interface  |  Managing SharePoint Sites with SharePoint Designer.

A History of Service Applications in SharePoint  |  Service Application Fundamentals  |  Service Application Administration  |  Multi-Tenancy in SharePoint 2013.

What is Business Connectivity Service?  |  BCS Architecture  |  BCS Terms (External Content Types, Columns & List)  |  External Content Type
Throttling Limits  |  Change Throttling Limits using PowerShell  |  Developing External Content Type using SharePoint Designer 2013  |  BCS Authentication  |  BCS Best Practices  |  BCS and SingleSignon using Secure Token Service .

What is SingleSignOn?  |  What is Secure Store Service?  |  What is Double Hop Authentication?  |  Importance of Secure Store Service  |  Create and Configure Secure Store Service Application  |  Using Target Application Id .

What’s New with Claims and Authorization?  |  User Authentication  |  Application Authentication  |  Server-to-Server Authentication.

Introduction to Windows PowerShell  |  Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and Other Hosts Commands  |  Basic PowerShell Usage, Using SharePoint Commands  |  Some Sample PowerShell Scripts  |  Working with various PowerShell Environments.

Defining Solutions and Features  |  Understanding Farm Solutions  |  Managing Farm Solutions Understanding Sandbox Solutions  |  Managing  |  Sandbox Solutions  |  Understanding Features  |  Managing Features  |  Deploying Farm Solution using PowerShell.

What’s New in Enterprise Search, Search Architecture?  |  Understanding Search Farm and its Components  |  Create and Configuring  |  Enterprise Search using Central Administration  |  Create and Manager Content Sources  |  Automate Crawling process  |  Managing the Search UI  |  Create FTP content Source  |  Manage Search Permission.

What’s New in Enterprise Social?  |  Managing and Configuring Profile Synchronization  |  Managing and Configuring My Sites  |  Managing and Configuring Communities  |  Working with My Sites.

Functionality Overview  |  New Features in SharePoint OWA 2013  |  Licensing and Versions, Desktop Enhancements  |  Topology, Authentication Requirements  |  What is WOPI?  |  Installing and Configuration Office Web Application Server  |  Enable Oauth using PowerShell.

The Unified Logging Service  |  The Correlation ID  |  Enabling Developer Dashboard using PowerShell  |  Understanding Log files & Event Viewer  |  Understanding Developer Dashboard logs  |  Troubleshooting Techniques  |  Additional Tools and Resources  |  Using with ULS.

Configuring Monitoring in Central Administration  |  Using and Configuring the Health Analyzer  |  Usage and Health Data Collection  |  Timer Jobs in SharePoint 2013  |  Understanding and Troubleshooting Rules defined by Health Analyzer.

Determining Your Business Requirements  |  Backing Up and Recovering from Disaster  |  Backup Farm, Web Application  |  Content Database  |  Site Collections  |  Sites, List & Libraries  |  Perform Backup and Restore using Central Administration and PowerShell  |  Automate Backup Process.

Understanding the SharePoint 2013 App Model  |  Architecture  |  Setting Up an App-Enabled SharePoint Environment  |  Understanding role of App Management and Subscription Setting Service Application  |  Working with Apps Management Service  |  Create Subscription Service Application Using PowerShell  |  Provisioning environment for deploying Apps  |  Setting up local marketplace  |  Configure DNS  |  Configure Apps settings from Central Administration.

What is Workflow ?  |  What’s new in Workflow 2013  |  Workflow Architecture  |  Workflow Instillation and Configuration  |  Installing Workflow Client  |  Subscribe Workflow Manager using PowerShell  |  Test Workflow Configuration using SharePoint Designer.

Discussion Upgrade Considerations  |  Upgrading Content  |  Upgrading Site Collections  |  Upgrading Service Applications  |  Using Third-Party Tools to Migrate Content  |  Recording SharePoint Artifacts in Excel file  |  Understanding Self site upgrade process and configurations.