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Khalil Kothia, PMP, Solution Architect

Khalil brings around 16+ years of experience on board in Managing, Design, development, Implementation and Deployment.

Course Objectives

Get hands-on experience in C Sharp

Role of ASP.Net MVC in Application Development

Understanding Various Design Pattern vs MVC

Working with ASP.Net MVC Routing Mechanism

Using JQuery and Ajax to perform data operations

Working with Razor View Template Engine

Develop 3-Tier Architecture ASP.Net MVC Application

Using Code First and Database First Approach

Enabling Forms Authentication For Security

Working with Bundling and Minification

Performance Improvement Techniques

Packaging, Publish and Configure ASP.Net MVC on Live Domain

Implementing Case Studies and Assignment under each module.

Final Projects

Curriculum ASP.Net MVC Online Training

Importance of ASP.Net MVC  |  Need of ASP.Net MVC in Organization  |  Acceptance of ASP.Net MVC in Organization  |  Shortage of ASP.Net MVC Experts   |  Understanding Model, View and Controller  |  Benefits of using MVC Framework

Software and Hardware Requirements  |  Install and Configure prerequisites Software  |  Using Nuget Packages  |  Understanding Dependencies  |  Test your first ASP.Net MVC Application  |  Understanding the MVC Request Lifecycle

What is View?  |  Using Razor Templating View Engine  |  Learning Razor Syntax  |  Working with Shared View  |  Working with Layout Pages  |  Set the Default Layout Page  |  Working with Multiple Layout Pages  |  Implement Partial View and Plugin with Other Views

Why HTML Helper Method?  |  Helper Method Syntaxes  |  Binding HTML Methods  |  Using various helper methods like BeginForm, EditorFor, DropdownFor etc  |  Creating and Using Custom Helper Method

Hearth of the MVC  |  What is Controller?  |  Understanding Action Methods  |  Passing Parameters to Action Method  |  Passing Temp data to View  |  Using ViewBag and ViewData  |  Working with Action Parameters and Return Types  |  Controlling Accessibility of Action Methods  |  Applying Authorize and Roles to Action Methods  |  Working with Action Method, Filters and Selectors  |  Working with Custom Action Filters

Importance of Model  |  Bind Model with View  |  Generate Views and Controllers based on Model  |  Importance of Bind Attribute  |  Navigation Properties in Models  |  Assign View Data to Model Dynamically

What is Data Annotations  |  Applying Data Annotations to Attributes  |  Understanding working of Data Annotations and Custom Messages  |  Importance of Validation  |  Client Side and Server Side Validations  |  Implementing Custom Service Side Validation  |  Validating Model and Communicate with Views  |  Display Validation Messages in View  |  Applying Data Annotations to Entities

Configuring Entity Framework  |  Configure Data Base connection  |  Understanding DBContext, DBSet Classes  |  Code First and Database First Approach  |  Perform CRUD Operations using LINQ  |  Design Multi-Layer Pattern and Separate DB Operations 

Security in ASP.Net MVC  |  Understanding Authorization and Authentication  |  Securing Controllers and Action Methods  |  Implementing Forms Authentication  |  Auto Generate Identity Database  |  Manage Users and Roles  |  Role Based Security  |  Applying Roles to Controllers and Action Methods  |  Implement OAuth using Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  |  Preventing XSRF and CSRF

Importance of URL  |  Manage Application Level URL Bindings  |  Working with Route Parameters  |  Implement Custom Routing at Controller  |  Custom Routing for Action Method

Understanding JQuery and Ajax  |  Making a Call to Action Methods  |  Pass parameters to Action Methods  |  Manage Request and Response Content Type  |  Using JQueryUI Controls

What is Bundling and Minifaction?  |  Generate Minified Javascript files  |  Creating Multiple Bundles  |  Adding References  |  Using Wildcards for Bundling  |  Bundling JavaScript files  |  Bundling CSS Files

What is Bootstrap?  |  Using Bootstrap form Responsive Websites  |  Using Bootstrap Grid Systems and Controls  |  Working with Bootstrap Themes  |  Working with Displaymodes  |  Deploying Application on Azure 

What is Web Services?  |  Understanding WebAPI Architecture  |  Working with WebAPI Routing  |  Create Hybrid ASP.Net Application using MVC + Web API  |  Calling Web API using JQuery and JavaScript

Work on Multiple Projects based on real world scenarios

40-Hour Online Training

You would be provided with 40 Hours live classes conducted by instructors excelling in ASP.Net MVC field. ASP.Net MVC Training classes would be held at the time of your choice. You can watch recorded classes again on your convenient.

ASP.Net MVC Assignments

After based on each session, ASP.Net MVC assignment would be provided. In the case of any difficulty, the ASP.Net MVC support team would be at your disposal 24x7 through phone and email.

ASP.Net MVC Project & Case Study

By the end of your course, you would be provided Case Study / Project, involving the implementation of ASP.Net MVC Tools learnt. You could submit your projects and get reviewed by ASP.Net MVC Expert Panel.

Unlimited Lifetime Access

All ASP.Net MVC assignments and recorded classes provided to you during the ASP.Net MVC Certification Training course shall always remain functional for your access even after the course is completed.

24x7 Support

The ASP.Net MVC support team is available to help you resolve all your ASP.Net MVC related assignment, classes, and project related issues.


The expert panel of the ASP.Net MVC Certification Training course shall evaluate your project and provide you with the Course Completion Certificate.

Questions regarding ASP.Net MVC Online Training

Any system installed with windows. System must have minimum 2 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD storage for better performance. Any processor above i3 would be great.
You would receive detail step-by-step instruction to set up ASP.Net MVC environment. This environment can be used for ASP.Net MVC hands-on practice, assignment and project
This course does require a basic knowledge of C Sharp. Any individual with the Basic Programming knowledge may apply for ASP.Net MVC Certification Training.
The instructors are minimum 15 years of IT experienced and 10 years in ASP.Net MVC Tools. All of them have achieved heights in the industry and have been provided special training in order to provide the best of experience to you.
You can reschedule your live classes to a time slot at your own convenience. You have been provided full liberty to change your batch at any time. You can contact the support team for further details.
Yes, you are allowed to enroll in ASP.Net MVC Training yourself at any time and begin attending the classes after a period, whether a month or more.
To maintain the Quality Standards, there are a limited number of students enrolled in each class session. Therefore, a demo session would, unfortunately, be unavailable. But there are sample ASP.Net MVC Sessions available for you to watch instead. These sample ASP.Net MVC classes could give you an idea about how ASP.Net MVC Certification Trainings are conducted.
ASP.Net MVC Sessions are completely live instructor-led. There are various options available for you to operate in case of queries during classes.