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AngularJS 2 Dependencies for Beginner

1.AngularJS 2 Dependencies Highlights

Here we can see the highlights of AngularJS 2 Dependencies highlights

Here we can see the AngularJS 2 Dependencies highlights which we are going to discuss furthur

2.AngularJS 2 Dependencies List

AngularJS 2 has 6 dependencies they are SystemJS, Ecma Standard 6(ES6)-promise, Ecma Standard 6(ES6)-Shim, Reflect-metadata

ReactiveX JS, Zone.js.

3.System JS 

System JS is a module loader  which we use in  Angular application, using SystemJS we can override problem of writing hundreds of script tags in index.html.

4.Ecma Standard 6-promise 

Ecma Standard known as the next version of Java script.It introduces an API to work with promises to Angular application.

5.Ecma Standard 6(ES6)-Shim

ES6 shim is a library  which brings many other useful features, like modules, classes and provides compatibility shims


Reflect metadata is a polyfill library which used to  add metadata to a class or function

7.ReactiveX JS

ReactiveX JS is java script extension and its purpose is to provide better performance, better modularity, better debuggable call stacks.


Zone.js Makes it easier to write and understand asynchronous functions for Node applications, handle errors raised asynchronously and avoid resulting resource leaks. Enables you to associate user data with asynchronous control flow

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AngularJS 2 Dependencies for Beginner

AngularJS 2 Dependencies for Beginner

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